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Rahat Sood, DMD

Dr. Rahat Sood obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery while living in India. She followed her passion and later graduated with high honors from Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine, with her DMD. After Dr. Sood improved her skills at a dental office in Massachusetts, she moved to Maryland to be closer to her family.

Determined to bring you comfortable, compassionate care, Dr. Sood is always striving to learn more and improve herself. She enjoys using an interdisciplinary approach alongside her team to integrate her expertise with other specialties, bringing you a healthy, beautiful smile.

Patients often report that Dr. Sood has a gentle, professional nature, and she hopes for the chance to bring you the comfortable, compassionate care that you deserve. In her free time, she is an avid cyclist and loves to spend time with her family.

Mohit Garg, DMD

Dr. Mohit Garg completed his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Manipal University, one of the top-rated dental schools in India. He later opened his own dental practice before deciding to continue his passion in dentistry, moving to the US to do so. Dr. Garg graduated from Boston University with his DMD, working as an Endodontic Teaching Assistant while living there.

In 2013, Dr. Garg moved to Maryland, where he worked with the National Institute of Health as a research assistant. Now, he is part of the PG Family Dentistry team and is excited to bring you the excellent care that your family deserves. Dr. Garg is known for his honesty, friendliness, and attention to detail.

Dr. Garg loves to spend his free time traveling the world and exploring the great outdoors. Some of his most impactful experiences were volunteering with Catholic charities and Mission of Mercy mobile dental clinics.

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